Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Australian Stamp: Tasselled Anglerfish

The Tasselled Anglerfish (Rhycherus filamentosus), also called Tasselled Angler and Tasselled Frogfish, is a type of frogfish and is of one of over 200 anglerfish species.

Tasselled Anglers are brown to red above. They have dark blotches or bars on their sides separated by whitish areas extending up from below. Its dorsal fin has four parts: a long illicium with an esca that resembles two worms, a second and third dorsal spine, and 12 to 13 soft rays.

The Tasselled Anglerfish is very similar to the Glover's Anglerfish. They can be separated by the shape of their escas and length of the illicium, which is longer in the Tasselled Anglerfish.

It is endemic to Australia, living on kelp covered rocky reefs from Bass Strait to South Australia.

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